Types of Voltage Optimisation

The Powerstar range of voltage optimisation systems consists of Powerstar, Powerstar MAX, Powerstar HV MAX and the recently launched energy storage system Powerstar Virtue.

The most appropriate type of voltage optimisation system for a site will initially be determined by understanding if a company operates either its own HV/LV (distribution) or a low voltage (LV) supply.

There are other factors, such as the volatility of the incoming voltage profile, the amount of secure equipment on site and the nature of EMS, Energy Management Systems, Sheffield the businesses operation, which will determine if a fixed or electronic-dynamic (variable) system is best suited to the site.

New innovations in voltage optimisation also allow for the energy saved through a Powerstar VO system to be diverted into an energy storage system to be used when needed, on-site renewable generation can also be integrated into this for maximum benefits.

A voltage optimisation system should not be viewed as an off the shelf solution and a site-specific survey should be undertaken, to ensure that the unit to be installed suits the requirements of the business, in order to maximise any benefits and savings.