Smart Grid Applications

Smart Grids in Australia are designed to create a smarter, cleaner electricity system through a range of measures.

Powerstar has a solution that will assist dramatically with their operation.

The Powerstar system that will contribute to Smart Grid technology is the low-loss, high voltage Powerstar HV MAX, which utilises electronic-dynamic intelligent technology that automatically adjusts voltage to a fixed user-defined, optimum voltage output while also improving power quality.

Because Powerstar HV MAX provides a stabilised voltage output it is ideal for sites that require high levels of reliability and security such as data centres, supermarkets, cold storage facilities, hospitals, hotels and clubs, education facilities and retailers.

Utilities can also take advantage of these features to assist them in:

  • Balancing demand load on the grid.
  • Balancing voltage on the grid.
  • Reducing end user complaints due to poor power quality.
  • Improving the life expectancy of electrical equipment on the network. Improving renewable energy input into the grid.
  • Reducing damaging transient voltage spikes.
  • Mitigating damaging harmonic distortion.
  • Helping to improve power factor.
  • Also assist with frequency control by the means of voltage management on the grid.

Powerstar HV MAX has minimum load losses, delivers greater efficiency and increased savings over older transformers. It comes with a 15 year warranty and is the only world-patented HV voltage optimisation unit available today in 11kV, 22kV or 33kV voltage input.